Effective copywriting is a difficult element in branding and SEO strategies, compelling readers to take action and advancing them through the conversion funnel.

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various business functions, showcasing remarkable results. Today, we’ll explore how AI copywriting impacts the world.

Whether you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur, an in-house copywriter, or a product marketer, this article will address your burning questions about AI copywriting.

What is an AI copywriter in simple terms?

An AI copywriter is like a smart computer program that writes content related things for you. You tell them what you want, like a blog post or a social media content, and it makes the words for you.

You can even tell it how you want the words to sound, so they match your brand.

How does an AI copywriter assist in copywriting?

Copywriting is a bit like walking on a tightrope. Here are some problems people often face when they write a lot. Sometimes, you might have to write about something you don’t know much about.

This can happen if you’re a freelancer or if you have to write about many different things. Before you can write good stuff that people will like, you have to do a lot of research.

You need to really understand what you’re writing about. This can take a long time and feel boring.

Writing unique content with AI Copywriter

We’ve all been through writer’s block. It’s quite hard to think of new and creative words when you have to keep making content regularly.

Over time, you might end up using the same thoughts or missing out on things in the industry you’re writing about.

Choosing the appropriate tone and style

When you write for your brand or a client, it’s important to make sure the writing matches the brand’s identity and style guide. You have to remember many details to create really good writing that fits a brand and its audience.

Improving the copy

Dealing with all of that can be quite challenging, you also have to make your copy friendly for search engines. This means doing different things, with one of the most common ones being putting SEO keywords into the writing.

To write really good stuff, you have to find a way to make all these things work together. It’s not easy, especially if you have to keep making content. This is where an AI copywriter can help a lot.

Concentrate on higher-level tasks

One of the most interesting side of using AI for copywriting is the time it saves. When you use an AI copywriter, you don’t have to waste your time on boring, repetitive jobs like doing endless product research.

Your main job becomes polishing the writing. This make you free from bigger-picture tasks, like monitoring your performance metrics, building your content strategy, or finding the best keywords for SEO.

What are some examples of how AI copywriting is used?

Blog posts

Blogs are a powerful tool to improve your website’s SEO Score, but they can be time-taking to write because they ususally require a lot of research.

AI copywriting tools can offer fresh blog ideas based on your input. You can provide the AI with information about the topic you want to write about, as well as details like your target audience.

The AI can then suggest a blog title to get you started. For instance, our AI article writer generates blog titles tailored to your brand’s background and product information.

It can also provide additional ideas for the blog post, including an introduction and outline. The next step typically involves transforming the outline into a full-length article, which serves as a starting point for your blog post.

Product descriptions

To create product descriptions, simply provide the AI with product details like the title and features. This helps the AI generate copy that highlights unique product features.

AI copywriters are particularly handy for large-scale product description writing, saving time. They excel at crafting unique content, even for products with similar features, such as variations in packaging

Social media Content

For social media managers, maintaining a regular posting schedule is very tough and challenging. Using an AI copywriter for caption related things can be a time-saving solution, especially during creative dry spells.

Best AI Copywriting Tools:

OpenAI’s GPT-3:

It is a powerful language model capable of making human-like text. A lot of platforms and applications integrate GPT-3 for content creation, including copywriting.


It is a tool for generating shopify products descriptions and meta titles automatically with the help of AI that boost Shopify Sales and Improve SEO


Copy.ai is a platform that uses AI to generate various types of content, including ad copy, product descriptions, blog ideas, and more.


Writesonic is an AI copywriting tool that helps users in generating marketing copy, blog posts, social media content, and more.


ShortlyAI use GPT-3 to assist users in creating content immidiately. It’s designed to help with various writing tasks, from blog posts to marketing copy.


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